Encouraging Young Talent

Young talent, in the form of recent graduates, is the blood line of any company. These highly ambitious individual are quick learners and quick adapters, always ready to attack a new challenge. Their internal motivation is driven by the desire to succeed. This motivation and desire, requires further nurturing by the leaders in the organization to ensure that the flame keeps on glowing even brighter. Unfortunately very few leaders recognize this fact. I have seen countless examples of when a junior employee is putting in extra effort to deliver beyond what is expected, but is faced with pure criticism from superiors without any recognition of the effort. There is nothing more discouraging, and motivationally disrupting than that, given all the effort that was put in.

My humble advice is – the next time someone walks up to you with an idea, a design, or after completing a task ask yourself this: given the effort and the “going beyond” aspect, doesn’t the employee deserve to be commended for what he did? After that is done what objective feedback can I give him about the deliverable?

Let us keep encouraging our young talent, and helping them unleash all of their potential.




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