On Hiring Talent

In talking to several leaders on the topic of recruitment and organizational effectiveness, there is a single theme that echoed and that is ” A great leader only hires people smarter than him” or in another form “A great leader isn’t afraid of hiring great talent”. On the surface, this seems a very intuitive concept, however many leaders prefer to hire less skilled people so that they may feel more secure and empowered. True leaders understand the strategic importance of hiring great talent. It is this talent that will enable the organization to go to the next level, and in the process reflect well on the leader orchestrating that talent. The other aspect of this is that each leader is self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses. The talent pipeline can be leveraged to complement the leader’s profile and bring out the best of the entire team.

Next time you are reviewing a resume, or recruiting, ask yourself, do you gauge the person you interview against your skill-set and knowledge, and if so how does that factor into your hiring decision?


Omar Halabieh


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