Review – Get Smarter: Seymour Schulich

I just finished reading Get Smarter by Seymour Schulich and wanted to share my review/thoughts on this book:

This book is a collection of words of wisdom on various topics covering aspects of both personal and business life. It is backed by Schulich’s credibility both as a successful businessman and an inspiring philanthropist. The topics covered include economics, people management, investment, leadership etc. Of course, the book does not cover any of these areas in depth, but the learnings shared are appropriately framed and presented in a way that can be applied. Of relevance to my investment interests, Schulich’s advice include paying close attention to companies cash flows, and not investing in growth stocks as they will sooner or later stale. In addition, a key to success in business, is knowing when to say ‘No’ and this cannot be stressed enough. It is much easier said than done, yet this learning is so central to success.
Don’t let the number of pages fool you, this book is a very quick read – a day or two. It is written in a very entertaining and concise manner. Given the little time investment in going through it, and the amount of experience and knowledge behind it, it was definitely worth reading!


Omar Halabieh

Get Smarter


One comment

  1. Words of wisdom always come in a concise way and reflect in aftertaste. It is a fortunate to have a successful man to summarize the lessons-learned for a smarter life of all aspects into bullet points, and this book is one of the kind.

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