On Choice of Schools

Yesterday, I met up with one of my best friends in High School who happened to be visiting Houston. This encounter lead me to think and reflect on the school we went to ( International College, Beirut, Lebanon) and its contribution to where we are now. From a pure education perspective, most schools adopt the same if not similar curriculum due to the overarching education board. This has lead me to think how do schools differentiate themselves? When I reflect back and look at my classmates, I strongly believe that the one thing that our school seeded in us, is relentless inspiring ambition. The ambition that we are meant to achieve great things, as demonstrated by the previous generations who have graduated before us. That ambition, equipped by the right tools (education), the right work ethics (working hard) and the network of similarly ambitious peers is a great enabler for future success. Of course, success is never guaranteed, but the goal here is to elevate ones chances, and to turn the odds of success in their favor. I encourage you, readers, to reflect on how each educational institution you attended contributed to your personal development.


Omar Halabieh


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