On Escalations

One of the important tools in our every day work is escalation. Yet it is a tool that is often unused or abused. I have encountered numerous people who’s first reaction to any issue is to escalate. While this tactic may work on the short term, it damages relationships with colleagues on the long term (aka “crying wolf”). Soon after it will loose its efficiency. On the other hand, I have seen people similarly on the other side which do not escalate at all. This poses a big risk of tasks not being completed, deadlines being missed  etc. This shows that we lack the sense of urgency and judgment call. Finally, It also does not put upper management in a position whereby they can take actions and help the organization move forward.

Make sure to use escalation as part of your arsenal of tools, to get things done. Remember though use with care and when in doubt ask some of your colleagues or manager about their opinion. When you master this tool, you will truly reap immediate and long term career benefits.


Omar Halabieh


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