On QBQ – The Question Behind The Question

I just finished reading QBQ – The Question Behind the Question by John G. Miller. This book was recommended to me by my manager on leadership. John’s main theme that he focuses on, through a number of short chapters/stories is on eliminating blame, complaining, procrastination and complacency. Its about stepping up in both your personal and career taking accountability, charge and action. Below are excerpts of some key learnings:

-Action, even when it leads to mistakes, brings learning and growth. Inaction brings stagnation and atrophy.

-Action leads us toward solutions. Inaction at best does nothing and hold us in the past.

-Action requires courage. Inaction often indicates fear.

-Action builds confidence; inaction, doubt.

-Humility is the cornerstone of leadership.

-Leaders are not problem solvers, but problem givers.

A very inspiring and quick read on personal accountability. Highly recommended.


Omar Halabieh



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