On The Art of War for Managers

I just finished reading The Art of War for Managers: 50 Strategic Rules by Gerald A. Michaelson.  This is a book based on Sun Tzu’s classic. At a high level this book is divided in two sections. The first one in which a translation of the original text is found, together with commentary and how it applies to the business world. The second part consists of short essays/commentary by managers on successful applications of this work in a business setting. It also contains a summary of the main concepts presented in the book.

These main concepts are grouped into 13 sections, as with the original work: Laying Plans, Waging War, Attack by Stratagem, Disposition of Military Strength, Use of Energy, Weakness and Strength, Maneuvering, Variation of Tactics, On the March, Terrain, The Nine Varieties of Ground, Attack by Fire and Employment of Secret Agents. Each section is then subdivided into strategic rules. What makes this book unique is the application of these concepts in a business setting, particularly in the corporate world. This includes how company strategize, market and deliver product and services.

On the criticism side, while the book is written in a way to allow for each section to be self-standing, if one is looking to read it from cover to cover, they will encounter some repetition in content and examples provided. In addition, the applications/examples are somewhat superficial and do not contain deep analysis.


Omar Halabieh

The Art of War

The Art of War


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