The Best of Success

This week’s book is The Best of Success – A Treasury of Success Ideas compiled by Wynn Davis. This book was given to me as a gift from one of my mentors, to whom I am very grateful. Although it is out of print, one can find used copies of the book on Amazon: .

As the author explains in the preface: “This book is different. Each chapter contains an important idea fully identified in one or two words, explained in a few sentences, and then expanded and clarified by supporting quotations from the best success literature.” The topics covered (57) range from choice, freedom, goals, responsibility and wisdom to name a few.

What sets this book apart, is best summarized within the dust jacket:

1- Uniqueness: The Best of Success is like no other book. It offers a clear, bright, organized summary of all the major success principles – and backs up each idea with choice quotations from the great success literature. No other book offers a clearer, easier to understand condensation of the success laws.

2- Substance: Classics stand the best time because of one thing: substance. The Best of Success marks a new standard. Each section is highly focused and each quotation is meaningful, useful, valuable – no fluff, no nonsense – just the best.

3- Honesty: People who read the Best of Success will sense its honesty, integrity, and completeness. They’ll know they’ve found something they can trust. The Best of Success is accurate and authoritative.

4- Excellence: People intuitively know find craftsmanship. From its rich calligraphy to its carefully selected quotations, The Best of Success is designed to be special from the start. It must be the very best – and it is.”

A highly recommended companion book, that will serve as a source of inspiration to its readers for years to come!


Omar Halabieh

The Best of Success

The Best of Success


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