On Raving Fans

I recently finished reading Raving Fans – A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.

Below are key excerpts from the book, outlining the principles of developing “Raving Fans – The Ultimate in Customer Service”:

1) “The first magic secret is Decide What You Want…When you decide what you want you must – create a vision of perfection centered on the customer.”

2) “…Discover the customers’ vision of what they really want and then alter your vision if need be.”

3) “…There are really three (traps of customer listening)…I’ve already told you about the first one: customers saying one thing and meaning another. That leaves two: ‘Fine’ and silence…past experience has taught us people don’t care – or they don’t want to make a fuss – so why bother? Customers assume no one really wants to know what they think.”

4) “The immediate (customer) vision may be narrow, but customers care about everything…It’s just that most of them haven’t thought through their whole relationship with you, only some specific areas. Because customers are often so focused on a specific priority, it’s easy to match up what they want with what area of your vision. But first you have to discover what they really want.”

5) “The third secret was, and really still is, Deliver the Vision Plus One Percent…The secret says two things. First, it tell you to deliver. Not sometimes, not most times. But all the time. No exceptions contemplated or allowed. Second, it talks about ‘plus one percent.'”

6) “To start with, limit the number of areas where you want to make a difference. First, it allows you to be consistent. Second, you’ll be much further ahead doing a bang-up job on one thing rather than introducing a whole string of customer service goals all at once. You’ll never bring it off. It just can’t be done that way.”

7) “Regardless of what you promise, though, it’s consistency that’s important…The worst thing you can do is meet expectations one time, fall short another, and exceed every now and then. I guarantee you’ll drive your customers nuts and into the hands of the competition first change they get.”


Omar Halabieh

Raving Fans

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