On Winners Never Cheat

I recently finished reading Winners Never Cheat – Even in Difficult Time – by Jon M. Huntsman.

Below are key excerpts from the book that I found particularly insightful:

1- “Crises must and can be resolved in moral ways. In so doing, keep in mind two things: 1) The situation hardly ever is as bad as it seems. It will pass. Better times are ahead. If nothing else, history tell us that…2) Prosperous times are no guarantee we will adhere to a morally righteous path. Most people strongly adhere to a fixed code of ethics whether the economy is up or down, but some feel a sense of need for even more financial gain, regardless of the consequences.”

2- “Play by the Rules…Compete fiercely and fairly – but no cutting in line. Which rules we honor and which we ignore determine personal character, and it is character that determines how closely we will allow our value system to affect our lives.”

3- “There are, basically, three kinds of people: the unsuccessful, the temporarily successful, and those who become and remain successful. The difference, I am convinced, is character.”

4- “Courage may be the single most important factor in identifying leadership. Individuals may know well what is right and what is wrong but fail to act decisively because they lack the courage their values require.”

5- “We need to eliminate lawyers – simply reduce their modern-day omnipresence in our dealings. Use them for legal advice and leave other decisions to the experts.”

6- “When reminded of our core values, the tendency for deception decreases.”

7- “Some people earn admiration and respect. If you must choose one, however, go for respect every time.”

8- “When it comes to grudges, we all have held on to some for too long. What separates winners from losers is how fast we banish those demons.”

9- “Graciousness in next to Godliness…treat competitors, colleagues, employees, and customers with respect…(Graciousness) embodies love, kindness, sensitivity, and charity.”

10- “(In discussing family business two rules apply) Rule 1…check your ego at the door…everyone knows the abilities and shortcomings of the others…Rule 2…be a cheerleader for each other. Seek good fortune for the other person first.”

11- “We all owe a portion of our success to others, incurring a debt in the process, and the only way to repay that assistance is by sharing your good fortune.”

12- “So how does one bring about the restoration of value-based behavior in the marketplace and in the other arenas of modern life? I offer four simple suggestions as follows: 1) When you engage in something that affects others, first ask yourself: Is this right? Would I like to be treated this way? 2) Take your values to work. Don’t disconnect them when you sit down at your desk. There should not be a conflict between making a profit and adhering to traditional principles of decency and fairness. 3) Consider yourself your brothers’ and sisters’ keeper and set the example for ethical behavior. 4) Make the underpinnings of your life a string of f-words (phonetically, at least): family, faith, fortitude, fairness, fidelity, friendship, and philanthropy.”


Omar Halabieh

Winners Never Cheat

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