On The Hundred-Year Lie

I recently finished reading The Hundred-Year Lie – How Food And Medicine Are Destroying Your Health by Randall Fitzgerald.

Below are key excerpts from the book that I found particularly insightful:

“An effect of this contamination is that we are now one of the  most polluted species on the face of this planet,” contends Paula Baillie-Hamilton, an Oxford-educated physician in Britain who is one of the leading authorities on toxins in food. “Indeed, we are all so contaminated that if we were cannibals our meat would be banned from human consumption.” How did we become so toxic? What thrust us as a culture and as individuals onto this slippery slope? How can we navigate our way back to a healthier and less toxic future? These were some of the questions that haunted me as I undertook the research for this book.”

“However, broadly speaking, the evidence indicates that most naturally occurring foods and medicines are healthy for us, as they have been for our species for thousands of years, while many if not most synthetic chemicals in foods and medicines pose some health risk. Exposure to a few toxic substances, or to a wide range of molecules from a variety of synthetics, may not trigger illness or disease in you. But the again, it might. Medical science simply cannot predict who is susceptible to which chemicals, at which dosage levels, or how synergies create toxic conditions in the human body These risk-factor uncertainties during the normal course of our lives constitute a form of biological Russian roulette that each of us plays with our bodies every day based on our food. medicine, and environmental choices.”

“By willingly participating in the risky synthetics paradigm we have implicitly agreed to a social contract in which we are each playing the role of guinea pig in a continuing chemical and genetic experiment. Some of us will sicken or die during this experiment. A few of us might mutate and evolve effective immune system defenses. Others of us will decide to no longer play this deadly game. Once the genie of awareness is set loose, once denial is penetrated and the truth is spoken, none of us is have an excuse to play the innocent victim anymore.”

“One of the more obvious recurring patterns that emerges from reading the Slippery Slope Index is how often harm is inflicted on human health because of insufficient testing of new chemicals, especially testing of the long-term health effects. ^s we will see in Part II, entrenched institutional forces within the economy and government cooperate to keep the public largely unaware of the extent to which a toxic threat exists within their foods and medicines.”

“As we will explore in the next chapter, “disease industries” have sprung up in response to the health ravages of synthetic chemical foods, but what they offer as remedies for symptoms simply become additional toxic body burdens for us to bear.”

“Our nations waste^water treatment plants are simply too unsophisticated to remove synthetic chemicals before water is recycled back into the environment. Nor can our municipal water treatment plants, despite the use of chlorine, neutralize all of these synthetic chemicals before we drink the tap water or bathe ourselves in it. Not only that, but most of the nations so.ft drinks and beers are made with municipal tap water, which means we are slowly and cumulatively drugging ourselves in multiple ways.”

“Our culture treats medical emergencies and the symptoms of illness and disease relatively well in the short term, thanks to remarkable technological advances in medical science. We are mostly failures, however, when it comes to the prevention of illness and disease and in understanding the importance of using diet to enhance the strength of our immune systems.”

“As a result of a century of innovations in synthetic chemical manufacturing, we have inherited a virtually indestructible residue of toxins in the environment. Synthetic chemicals have seared into nature a seemingly immortal stamp. Whether they are pesticides or pharmaceutical drugs, what all of these ; synthetic chemicals set loose among us have in common is the identity of having been conceived by chemists and birthed in laboratories to be “magic bullets.” They were intended to either kill something, preserve something, clean something, or mask the symptoms of something. Now we mi;t consider the prospect that some of these chemicals will survive longer than the species who created them.”

“Now that we know animal studies may incorrectly imply the absence of risk in humans and that animal tests showing harm may not indicate a real danger to people, where does that leave us regarding health concerns from chemical exposure? The simple answer is that we should use the results of animal tests in biomedical research as suggestive of harm or of safety and not as predictive.”

“Protecting ourselves from what we don’t know can harm us sometimes requires a a leap of faith into self-reliance. When authority figures and institutions fail us, when the resulting apocalyptic scenarios challenge our ability to cope, we have five thousand years of ancient wisdom about food and medicine to fall back upon.”

“For those of you who choose to believe that government or industry or science will rescue us in the near future, consider the following reasons why that hope may be naive: 1. We cannot completely rely upon government at any level to protect us…2. We cannot rely upon manufacturers to place our health above profit margins…3. We cannot completely rely upon science to predict what is healthy or harmful.”

“There is a straightforward three-step process you or anyone can initiate u become serious about protecting your health. 1. Limit your exposure to synthetic chemicals of all types at all times. 2. C Get yourself tested to determine your chemical body burden. Develop a detox strategy for yourself to eliminate the toxins detected in your body.”

“9 PRACTICAL STEPS YOU CAN TAKE…1. Study the Labels…2. Replace Home Pesticides…3. Drink Wheatgrass juice…4. Do Intermittent Fasting…5. Detox with Saunas…6. Eat Organic Foods…7. Choose Nutritious Organics…8. Compile a Personal Toxins List…9.Read and Sign the Declaration.”


Omar Halabieh

The Hundred-Year Lie


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